Introducing the

Masters Of Healing

Audio Series


A series of exclusive interviews with some of the world's top minds in medicine, psychiatry, brain research and personal development and their thoughts on healing depression and anxiety


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Hi, I'm Steve Lowell.

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Since 1998 my wife, Sharon and I have struggled immensely trying to find a way to help her get over her debilitating depression and anxiety.

Sharon's depression was so severe that it literally cost us everything...our home, our investments, our savings, our relationships.  It almost cost us our marriage and Sharon her life.

After 7 years of failed medical and alternative approaches, we finally connected with a series of experts who, collectively, had a significant impact on Sharon's illnesses and our lives.

Some of these heroes were doctors, some authors and speakers.  Others were brain researchers and some were even preachers.

In continuing our research, we have been able to collect live and exclusive interviews with some of the people who's work has influenced, and continues to influence our lives and our mission to help others who suffer from depression and anxiety.

The Masters Of Healing audio series is a series of interviews which you will not find anywhere else on this planet!   The people interviewed in this series are the best in the world at what they do, and they are internationally recognized as such!

The Masters or Healing audio series will provide you with profound understanding of how we are able to draw upon our own inner resources, in combination with traditional medical and alternative healing sources in order to take back control of your life.

The Masters Of Healing

Audio Series includes exclusive live telephone interviews with...